Laser Therapy

Cold laser gives us another avenue to treat many conditions without medication, or with less medication. Cold laser increases healing time and cell turnover and decreases pain transmission. Laser therapy is used for skin conditions, arthritis and sprains, chronic ear problems, and is used on every surgical incision to speed healing time.

What conditions can laser therapy treat?
Laser treats hot spots, wounds, increases surgical incision healing speed, ear inflammation, sinusitis, bladder inflammation, sprains and strains, trauma, arthritis, dermatitis, anal gland inflammation and many other things.

How does laser therapy work?
Laser therapy works, in short, by increasing cell healing time. It increases several substances that speed up healing, decreases painful nerve transmissions, helps eliminate neurotransmitters that increase pain while triggering neurotransmitters that soothe pain. Laser photons stimulate the cellular metabolism to increase the function of healthy cells while replacing unhealthy or dying cells. It also increases blood and lymph flow to the area which stimulates faster healing.

Can laser therapy be harmful?
Laser therapy is very safe. It can harm the eyes when the beam is directly shone into the eyes. For this reason everyone in the room needs safety goggles. Laser therapy can make somes types of cancer worse and shouldn’t be used in conjunction with some medication. For this reason, the treatment plan is always made by the veterinarian. You can never overdose the laser!

Does laser therapy take the place of acupuncture?
Laser therapy works differently than acupuncture and is not a replacement. Acupuncture is very effective at treating many conditions and helping to realign flow within the body. Laser therapy will be used for different conditions in general. There are some spots that are uncomfortable for pets to have needles in, and the laser can help stimulate these points in conjunction with a regular acupuncture session.

Does the laser beam ever burn the skin?|
There are no reported cases of laser burns. While it is likely possible that you could burn the skin, it won’t happen with a trained technician and the approved protocols. Laser also does not heat up any metal in the body, though it can heat up tattoos.

Are there any side effects?
Your pet may feel sleepy the day of the laser treatment. This is a result of the body working to heal the area treated. There are no other known side effects.


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